Are You Hovering Around The 6-Figure Mark And Looking To

Increase the Profits & Value of Your Company

So You Can Scale Or Sell?

A360 Coaching Uses A Proven Methodology To Optimise the Profits and Operations
of Your Company
So It Increases In Value And You Make More Money


Company Profits

Optimise your company for maximum profits so you make more money straight away


Personal Lifestyle

Transition your company to thrive without your direct input so you can enjoy wealth and freedom


Future Fortune

Makes your company ‘Investor Attractive’ so you exit with wealth

Which Of These Challenges Are Slowing Your Company Down?

Check any that apply to you

Congratulations, you’ve successfully navigated start-up and reached the next growth phase of your business. But now, like many business owners and CEOs …

  • Are you starting to realise the strategies and systems that got you here are not enough to scale to the next level and beyond for serious success?
  • Are you still spending too much time working IN your business instead of ON your business (or AWAY from your business)?
  • Do you have much bigger business goals but wonder what’s the best way to go next
    (and wish there was someone experienced you could trust for answers)?
  • Are you quietly concerned that you’ll pour your heart and soul into your business and then not be able to sell it (or not get nearly as much as you hope)?
  • And like most business owners and CEOs hovering around 6-figures, are you looking for ways to optimise the growth and operations of your company so you can make more money now and when you exit your company?

Many CEOs and business owners experience similar business growth challenges. That’s why we’ve developed a Complimentary Consultation valued at $750 to help you map out a path to increase the profits and capital value of your company.

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Introducing the A360 Coaching Model

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How We Help Companies Become More Profitable Now and When They Sell

Over the past 25 years, Michael Yacoub and his team at A360 Coaching have helped more than 2,000 companies maximise the immediate profits and future value of their company.

Unlike many business coaches who too often take an ad hoc and short-term approach (to the detriment of the owner’s lifestyle and future exit options), the A360 process is holistic and helps you?

  • Make the competition irrelevant, giving you the ability to generate more leads and convert more sales at higher profit margins (therefore increasing the market value of your business)
  • Identify and capitalise on your lowest risk, highest potential growth opportunities
    (markets, products etc.), turning them into recurring revenue streams so you have a vastly more predictably profitable business
  • Establish systems that free you from the everyday operation of your business so you can
    develop the asset value of your company (for future sale) and/or enjoy more time off

In short, we help you to optimise the growth and operations of your company so you can make more money now and when you exit your company.

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How We Build Value In Your Business

A360 Coaching uses the Value Builder system to systematically grow the value of eligible companies. The System we employ is statistically proven
(with more than 40,000 companies) to increase immediate profits by as much or double or even triple and prepare your business to fetch a significantly
higher price on exit. It includes 12 modules of implementation including …

Companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ typically get offers that are 71% higher than average scoring companies.

Why Choose A360 Coaching As Your Growth Builder?

With thousands of business coaches and consultants all around Australia, all claiming to be able to help you grow your business,
it can be confusing to choose the right one for your company. Here are some proven track records that set A360 Coaching
apart and make us the best choice to help you grow your company …


25+ Years of Practical Experience

Our lead business coach Michael Yacoub has over 25 years of real-world, sleeves-rolled-up experience helping more than 2,000 businesses grow their profits, systemise their operations, and increase their capital value (even taking some companies global)


Hands-On Help

Ordinary coaches ‘shout’ theoretical instructions from the sidelines.
We take time to ‘walk in your shoes’, understand your company and your market, and take on your business as if it was our own.


Proven, Reputable Business Growth Processes

A360 Coaching has more than a decade of experience implementing the Blue Ocean Strategy and The Value Builder System, two of the
world’s most effective and reputable business growth processes.


Access To Systems, Technology and Networks

Over the past 25 years we have developed powerful systems, adopted world-class technologies, and developed networks of specialists to help you achieve your goals faster, easier and more affordably. We’ll give you direct access to resources and relationships you could never tap into on your own.


Holistic Solutions That Last

Too many business coaches ‘paint over’ problems with short-term band-aids. We go beyond popular tactics (like discounting) and address the positioning and culture of your company to give you scalable growth that lasts (with or without your direct input).


Our Best Ideas – Free

Your first step is a free consultation where we will share our best ideas, specific to your situation, 100% free. Book your Free Consultation

About Our Founder, Michael Yacoub

Over the past 25 years, Michael has helped more than 2,000 business owners grow their business profits and capital value so they can make more money now (with or without their direct
involvement) and if/when they choose to sell their business asset. He has shared his proven process in more than 30 publications and books, and is a sought-after speaker winning numerous awards in the process.

He is one of the top Blue Ocean Strategy and Value Builder Accredited Coaches. Michael’s passion
is in helping business owners to grow their business and leadership with value innovation that
transforms their enterprise, creates a turnkey operation and makes their business profitable and investor attractive.

Please note: We’re Not A Fit For Everyone

Unfortunately we can’t help every new or existing business. Our methodologies are designed to rapidly scale businesses who are in
their growth stage. This means…

  • We can’t help start-ups who don’t have enough capital to go to market. Consider testing your business model before speaking with us.
  • We can’t help businesses in the ‘ideation’ stage. If you haven’t yet got a proven business model, we’re not the right fit for you.
  • We aren’t a lifeline (nor miracle-worker) if your firm is in the economic “Emergency Ward”. If you have financial problems, we can’t help. Sorry.

However, if your business is in a period of growth and your revenue is between the $500k to $5Million range, and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and scale it, please contact is for a free consultation. The market value of this consultation is $750. We can’t wait to speak with you!

Here's How We Help



Are you planning on growing your business, but aren’t sure how to prioritise next steps? You might want to consider a workshop with A360. Our workshops cover:

  • Identifying new markets/products and demand generation
  • Aligning your market entry strategies with your purpose
  • Developing meaningful customer journey mapping & market intelligence
  • Optimising your innovation and key resources: time, talent & money
  • Making your business investor ready with equity share holding & capital raising potential
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12 Mth Value Builder Coaching

Are you overwhelmed or stuck in your business? Or maybe you’re looking for a strategic coach that can add value for you and your team? Our expert coach identifies your opportunities, challenges, and value score, and works with your leadership teams to unblock their potential and help create effective strategies for your business. Our one-on-one programs help your managers refine their strengths and focus on building profitable value into your business. And our executive coaching programs work across your entire businesses ensuring alignment of your business culture, values and goals with your strategic growth direction.

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Thrive360 Board

Our Thrive360 Board Program is a 12-month invitation-only program consisting of monthly group meetings with up to five other business owners. Meetings are based on a collaborative and transformative discussion around business growth and expansion of each Board Member’s business.
These meetings deliver great insights and strategic direction that assist business leaders in achieving business objectives and generating new ideas to build, grow, market, expand and diversify their products and services. Each participant is encouraged to make connections with others within the community, and forming meaningful relationships; based on creativity, integrity, and authenticity.

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Case Study:

A360 transforms Lahana Swim to a 7-figure business in just 9 months

“We first met with Michael Yacoub from Advantex roughly 8 months ago. After our business ‘Lahanaswim’ started to really take of and gain a lot of momentum. We
started to feel overwhelmed, in over our heads. We had no experience in business and needed HELP, advise or anything anyone could offer us. I googled, ‘Needing help with business on the Gold Coast’ and came across Advantex360. We than went in for a consultation and left feeling relieved. It didn?t take us long to research and look into the company to know we NEEDED them!

I was a little worried at fist, thinking they could be too corporate for a small business like Lahanaswim, but the support, mentorship and love Michael, Tanya and Oliver have put into our business has been overwhelming. The Mentoring / coaching from Advantex360 has not only worked on the foundations and ensuring the business works like a machine with no headaches, but also worked closely with staff development. Implementing new procedures, checklists and most importantly confidence and leadership skills.

Lahanaswim has now elevated to the next level, It has enabled both myself and my partner to step back, take a breather and focus on the strategic planning and
direction of our company.In the short 8 months, with the guidance and systems developed by Advantex we have hired and trained our entire team, put in place new systems and procedures, opened a storefront, launched a new digital development strategy which involved launching a new Global online portal for our customers and wholesale department. Featured in Magazines, Newspapers and Channel 7 News. Along with PR connections, sporting our new Lahana tribe members ‘The Kardashians.’ I cannot recommend this beautiful team enough. Thank you for your guidance and support.”

Vrindy Benson - Founder, LaHanaSwim company-logo

Case Study:

A360 grows Dominic Wines to a subtantial value before it is sold at a premium asking price.

Dominic Versace Wines (DVW) is one of Australia’s most prestigious wineries and has earned a reputation of excellence in creating a range of superb wines, produced from high quality grapes, grown in the chemical free family vineyard at picturesque Adelaide Plains, South Australia.

DVW approached us for strategic and tactical growth advice.

Through a three-year Strategic Plan, the A360 approach addressed two clear value builder strategies: The first strategy was to increase demand and the premium paid for DVW’s exceptional quality wines to improve its bottom line.  The second strategy was to help DVW profitably compete in a fiercely contested marketplace both on value and cost.

The following Strategic moves were implemented:

1) A360 helped DVW to embrace the opportunity to forge a new path for integrated market development and process development through a Value Builder Strategic Plan.

2) A360 helped DVW establish a global presence via Dominic Versace Wines’ International platform.

3) A360 positioned the company for acquisition by a strategic buyer.

4) A360 developed a management succession & exit plan.

The outcome? DVW was successfully acquired by a strategic buyer who had the capital and resources to continue building on DWVW’s global brand appeal.

Managing Director Armando Verdiglione said, “Our vision was to capitalize on our 100 plus years of fine wine making tradition and our multi award winning brand to produce and distribute exceptional wine while encouraging and empowering new voices and ideas.”

Armando Verdiglione - Managing Director company-logo

What Other A360 Clients Say

Here’s what some of our clients say about their experience working with
us and the results we have helped them achieve …

“Our life and lifestyle are now a bliss”

“We had a very rough patch, things were going in the wrong direction, sales were down, profitability was up the creek, and team moral was at its lowest! Michael Yacoub came in to our business introduced proper business structure and systems. He then turned our attention to our greater goal introduced marketing strategies for both online and off line and increased our sales by 450%. Michael’s business coaching and mentoring improved our business tremendously. Our life and lifestyle are now a bliss.”

Paul Roworth - Managing Director, Just Coolers Pty Ltd

“Our enquiries increased phenomenally”

“Michael Yacoub helped grow my office furniture business by 50% within 3 months. Our enquiries increased phenomenally as we developed a strong online presence. What impressed me the most is that we are getting a lot more interstate enquiries such as Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney. That was something we never used to get and was due to the way Michael and his team at Advantex tweaked our keywords on various search engines, such as Google and Yahoo to be able to put my business under the lights. The entire team at Advantex were fully committed and worked seven days a week and 24 hours a day to keep my website out in front.” Michael Yacoub delivers results”.

Wayne Russell - Managing Director of Seating Plus

“Have proven to be invaluable”

“Michael not only assisted our business to break away from the status quo, but to create a winning future strategy and execute innovation at a low cost. Michael’s expertise and strategic business insights have proven to be invaluable for the successful development and growth of our business and our brand. I would recommend Michael’s coaching and consulting services to anyone who wishes to realise their business potential”.

Simon Lidster - Managing Director – Full Steam Marketing

Who Else Have We Accelerated & Grown?

This Is Your Next Step Towards a More Profitable, Valuable Company

That Runs With or Without Your Direct Input

Our process is easy and begins with a Free Consultation with our founder, Michael Yacoub, during which …

  • You’ll get a clear picture of where you are right now (and the steps you need to take to grow your business profits and overall value)
  • You’ll gain clarity over what you want your company (and your life) to look like in the future (and a realistic plan to get there)
  • You’ll identify barriers that may be holding you and your company back (and proven solutions to scale to the next level and beyond)
  • You’ll learn how The Value Builder System can help you differentiate your company for more sales at higher profit margins, capitalise on growth opportunities, develop recurring revenue streams, and optimise operations to free you of daily involvement in your company
  • And you’ll explore how the A360 Coaching team can help you increase both the immediate profits and long-term value of your company, so you can make more money now (with or without your direct input) and when you exit your company

Unlike most free business coaching services that are more like thinly veiled sales pitches, your Free Consultation will give you our best advice with zero obligation to engage us further. The market value of this consultation is $750.

Naturally, our hope is that by sharing our expertise in this way, you’ll get so much valuable advice that you’ll consider choosing or recommending our services in the future. In any case, you have nothing to lose.